Why Plantscape?

Plantscapes are the evolution of living design

A Botanicals Plantscape

Plantscapes add vitality and balance to our lives

‘Biophilia’ means a love of life; a desire to be around nature, plants, and flowers. There is something special that happens when we are around plants: We get happier, we get calmer, we feel at peace. This effect plants have on us has been scientifically coined “The Biophilia Effect.” At Botanicals, we love to discuss the positive effects plantscapes have in our lives, and we love creating plantscapes for our clients that maximize that positivity.

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closeup of beautiful green succulent in ceramic pot
Entrada in St George succulent closeup

Allow us to increase your quality of life

botanicals employee smiling while holding a basket of subtropical plants

Botanicals was founded on the promise of making the world a more beautiful and healthful place. Human existence is based upon the intimate interactions we have with plant life. From the physical benefits of the air and food we consume to the psychological and physiological effects of enjoyment, reprieve, and peace, plants add vitality and balance to our lives.

Human existence is based upon intimate interactions with plant life

We love participating in the creation of indoor and outdoor container gardening. You can come to us for expert advise on do-it-yourself projects or rely upon our team for everything from design servicescustomized plantingsinstallation, and ongoing maintenance. Our aim is to bring our clients beauty and respite through the natural elements we incorporate in all our plantscapes.

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Indoors we work with a broad palate of tropical plants to bring these powerful oxygenators inside to enhance homes and workspaces. Our plantings bring style and vitality into the rooms they grace. We pair them with exquisite container options and the best planting mediums to bring our clients living art that not only looks fantastic but serves to filter, humidify, and purify the air.

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botanicals containers planted with plants lining a skywalk
ficus planted in a container next to large doors
a miniature living interior wall


Outdoors we use container gardening to create focal points to new or existing landscapes and patios. We use combinations of annual and perennial plantings to add punctuation and gorgeous architectural elements that stand the test of time. In addition to our outdoor containers and plantings we offer garden décor item. We have free-standing water fountains and can convert almost any of our high-fired pottery pieces into a water feature. We also offer customized fire features, and décor items that help pull everything together and reveal your own flair.

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tall outdoor ceramic pottery lining a curving path
a unique outdoor pottery plantscape in front of a red rock
two rippled glazed ceramic pots planted with succulents oudoors

Bring life to your space

At Botanicals’ retail locations you can find a range of pottery, planters, garden accessories and plant-themed décor for your home and outdoor spaces. We have a lot to discover in our St. George and Sandy locations. Come visit us for expert advise in the design your own indoor or outdoor plantscapes or browse our selection of botanical-themed gifts and décor.

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We are always looking to expand our ability to help people enrich their lives. This is why we have two retail locations. Visit us at these locations to find beautiful ceramic pottery, metal art, yard decor, plants, and more.

If you are looking to liven up your home or yard then retail locations will provide you with the tool necessary to do that. Our staff are always happy to answer any questions to help with your designing. We have a lot to offer, and provide a delivery service for those who want it.