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A Special Message From Our CEO

It is with a heavy heart and yet with tremendous gratitude that we are announcing the closure of our Kaysville location. Starting tomorrow, October 1, our guaranteed hours are Friday’s and Saturday’s from 9am-5pm through the month of October.

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woman smiling and standing behind retail counter with flowers and plants placed on top

Botanicals Family COVID-19 Operations Update

We are reaching out to the entire BOTANICALS family to extend our best wishes during the challenging days and weeks ahead. At a time when our regular human contact is modified, we need points of stillness nad connection now more than ever.

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a small pot planted with a succulent on a nightstand next to a bed


With all of the current events happening, we are going to be releasing more online media and videos with thoughts and tutorials on all things plantscapes.

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flower in a metalic pot on a coffee table in front of a couch

Importance of Space to Family

A friend of mine keeps a small wooden statue of the Buddha on a shelf inside their home. They are not Buddhist or the type of person to keep random religious symbols around their house. In fact, this friend is decidedly not religious.

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potted ceramic pottery arranged in an interior lobby

Just Breathe...

The average person, at rest, breathes in 11,000 liters, (388 cubic feet) of air each day. Those who exercise consume even more. The means that every month we breathe more than 1.5 time the volume of an Olympic sized swimming pool.

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airplants growing in glass bowls on a river-rock decorated shelf


In the 80’s it was mullets, hammer pants, and shoulder pads. In the 90’s it was grunge, flannel, and Birkenstocks. Some trends are better forgotten, but there is a growing trend across the globe that will never go out of style.

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ceramic pottery display with plants and flowers

Grow From Your Mistakes

American author Sam Levenson comically wrote “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.”

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