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It's time to winterize your fountain! For our Northern Utah customers, check out our tutorial.

Who we are

We create beautiful plantscapes

Botanicals is a family-owned business operating out of St George, Utah. We offer custom plantscape designs and installations, as well as plant maintenance accounts to care for your plants. Request a free consultation today to start designing your commercial or residential spaces.

At this time, our services are in Southern Utah only, but we are also working to the trade only in Northern Utah for design professionals.

We love everything plantscapes. We grew up at Sandia Farms, a greenhouse owned by our father in St George, Utah. There we developed a love for plants and helping others receive the positive effects of having their space plantscaped.

In the last few years, we have also expanded our business to own two retail locations where we sell ceramic pottery, metal art, yard decor, and more.

Visit our retail locations in St George, Utah, and Sandy, Utah.

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braden and nicole hancock smiling and standing together in our st george store
Botanicals owners and siblings Braden and Niki Hancock

A Botanicals plantscape

We pride ourselves on our work creating plantscapes that breathe quality and peace back into life. Whether you are looking to liven up your home, workspace, or yard, we have the perfect life-injecting solutions you are needing. Please visit our portfolio to see examples of our most recent work.

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Living wall installation in a Subaru dealership lobby
Findlay Subaru 'Wall of Life'
Closeup on planted succulent with woman reading in the background
St George Parade of Homes
blue glazed ceramic planted pot next to matching blue chair
IHC Genomics waiting area

We love our clients

Being a family business, we strive for one-on-one, personable contact with our clients. We will work with you to customize plantscapes and decor to fit all of your needs.

Request a free consultation, and we will work with you through the entire process of getting your plantscapes planned, designed, and installed, relieving you from the worry of hitting your deadline. At this time, our services are in Southern Utah only, but we are also working to the trade only in Northern Utah for design professionals.

We design for both commercial and residential spaces, indoor and outdoor. We often work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscapers.

Learn how we work with our clientele
s-shaped planter full of vibrant, green, subtropical plants
A custom s-shaped planter we designed for IHC Genomics

Even more than plantscape design

After installing your custom designed plantscape, we don’t leave you to care for it all by yourself. We offer our plant maintenance services to all of our clients.

Our expertly trained service technicians will ensure that your plantscapes stay alive, healthy, and beautiful.

Learn more about our maintenance service
woman caring for a subtropical plant
Botanicals Maintenance service ensures your plantscapes stay beautiful

We love creating plantscapes

small potted plant on counter next to an open recipe book on a stand
2020 St George Parade of Home Botanicals interior

People stay longer in places that make them feel at peace. It is proven that plantscapes decrease stress, promote health, increase productivity. Plants purify the air around them and create an atmosphere of serenity. This is why we want our plantscapes everywhere. We are a family of plant-lovers and we always look forward to helping others discover what plantscapes can do for them.

Want to learn more about plantscapes? We have a blog!

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Bring life to your space

Visit our retail locations

We are always looking to expand our ability to help people enrich their lives. This is why we have two retail locations. Visit us at these locations to find beautiful ceramic pottery, metal art, yard decor, plants, and more.

If you are looking to liven up your home or yard then retail locations will provide you with the tool necessary to do that. Our staff are always happy to answer any questions to help with your designing. We have a lot to offer, and provide a delivery service for those who want it.

More than just pots...

We offer more than just pottery and decor at our retail locations. We are constantly evolving and growing at our stores. We are starting to implement more events, such as plantings, bonsai club meetings, and more.

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