Botanicals Maintenance

Never let beauty fade

Plantscape Maintenance

Keep your plantscapes beautiful

After your plantscape is installed we can help you with a service package to continue the life and beauty of your investment. We provide options suitable to your budget. Ranging from a full-service full-guarantee plan to a once a month or on-call check in plans for the do-it-yourselfers. Our highly-trained technicians follow our very own 52-point quality checklist and keep your plantscape vibrant and growing. We can also add seasonal rotating blooming plants for the focal points in your space.

Continue the beauty and life of your investment

Our plant technicians are screened, background-checked, and professional. They are uniformed and bring with them everything they need to get the job done. We know when you chose Botanicals for your maintenance we become a part of how your workspace or household functions. It is a position of trust that we treat with the utmost care.

If you already have plants that need a boost or a service to keep looking their best please contact us for a free evaluation and price quote.

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trees planted in ceramic pottery in a lobby waiting room
Lobby interior plantscape at IHC in St George

Botanicals plantscape maintenance

trained technicians

Professionally Trained Technicians


Rigorous Training

Botanicals’ technicians become experts in the care and maintenance of interior plants. Our program includes collegiate-level botany courses, hands-on training, and ongoing collaboration with other technicians in the field.


Progressive Practices

Botanicals is continually pursuing new ways of creating efficiencies and tools for our technician’s implementation. We create a standard of best practices that raises the bar of expectation.

quality control

Quality Control


52-Point Inspection

At Botanicals we recognize that if our plants don’t look good, you don’t look good. We ensure not only the life, but the beauty of your plantscape. This means a 52- point Q.C. checklist for our technicians, regular visits by our service manager and a focus on the details of each plant in our care.


Regular Inspections

We perform regular inspections by our quality control manager to maintain and keep up the appearance of your plantscape.

plant replacement

Plant Replacement


The Botanicals Guarantee

If a plant declines in health or appearance, we guarantee a speedy replacement at no additional charge. Botanicals ensures a hassle-free experience and your complete satisfaction.

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