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Whether you are a landscaper, architectural firm, interior designer, or individual, we offer our services and will happily work to be sure we can fulfill your needs. We have years of experience and know how to take the burden off your shoulders and help you achieve your goals.

At this time, our services are limited to Southern Utah, but we are working to the trade in Northern Utah for design professionals.

We ensure our clients achieve their goals

We are currently working hard to bring you information that you can learn from our website and utilize in making your plantscape decisions. Please come back to this page often to see new information and updates.

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Residential spaces

A sense of calm and control is something everybody wants in their home. We have found a way to achieve this: Plantscapes!

If you want to see what we design and install for homes, please look through our interior portfolio gallery. We don’t limit ourselves to interiors, however, so please see our exterior portfolio as well to get an idea of our work.

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Commercial spaces

When we make a Botanicals plantscape, we ensure quality and timeliness. We understand that a lot goes into building, designing, and maintaining commercial spaces.

This is why we seek to take a burden off your shoulders and help you achieve your goals. After designing and installing the plantscapes, be sure to sign up for our maintenance services to keep your plantscapes beautiful.

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large bronze planters full of vibrant subtropical plants in a car dealership lobby

Design professionals


We know that life can get too busy sometimes, and we are here to help. The interior plantscapes are sometimes a detail that cause stress and are a race against a timeline. We want to take that stress from you.

As you can see in the picture to the right, we design beautiful plantscapes for spaces, and have worked on health clinics, airports, and hospitals, such as Intermountain Health Care locations, and the St George Airport. Please look through our portfolio to see our work.

We will help you get your designs done and beautified with plantscapes, pottery, and custom containers. And remember: we offer top-of-the-line maintenance services, taking all the stress out, and allowing you to enjoy the plantscapes yourself.

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s-shaped planted container in a lobby behind guard rails and under grow lights

Design professionals


Botanicals loves landscapers! With the addition of our retail stores in Sandy and St George, Utah we have been able to better serve landscaping businesses.

We are currently working to build a Landscapers Program to implement at our stores. Please visit or contact our store closest to you to learn more information, and be sure to check back regularly for updates on the Botanicals Landscaper Program.

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planted, glazed pottery placed between columns of a home

Design professionals

Interior designers

Working with Interior Designers to create beautiful interiors is a Botancials specialty.

Whether we can help you distiguish your services or liven up (pun intended) your spaces with plantscapes, we are here to help you achieve those goals.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and be sure to check out our interior portfolio to see the work we can accomplish.

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Plantscaped and interior designed interior