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Timeless by Nicole Hancock


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In the 80’s it was mullets, hammer pants, and shoulder pads. In the 90’s it was grunge, flannel, and Birkenstocks. Some trends are better forgotten especially when our so-called friends post the photographic evidence of our bad taste on social media, or we shake our heads as we see history repeating itself in younger generations.

potted tree in the corner of a room

Fortunately, there is a growing trend across the globe that will never go out of style. It is an awareness of how the environments we create affects our mood, our health, our cognition, and even our happiness quotient. Even more exciting is that businesses and employers are recognizing the positive effects on their bottom line in sales and retaining employees when they embrace the movement of incorporating beautiful live plants in their work and retail spaces.

Here are a few things taking the industry by storm and capturing the imagination and delight of people everywhere.


I’ve been preaching this to my clients for over a decade. Plants are living art people- and now there are a variety of ingenious systems that allow you to hang it on the wall just like a painting. Vertical growing systems are wonderful in compact spaces. They make a huge visual impact and give endless possibilities in plant combinations.


Air plants come in a wide range of sizes, textures, and almost all reward us with gorgeous blooms several times a year. Air plants live off the humidity in the air, so they can be utilized in all sorts of creative ways. They just need frequent misting or a soak in water for an hour or two once a week, and thrive in terrariums.


Broad leaves and large specimen plants are architectural features in and of themselves. They soften stark spaces and literally breathe life into the rooms they inhabit. They can make a lofted ceiling soar accentuating where you want the eye to travel in a space or they can camouflage elements you would rather keep out of view.


With color. I refer to this as live floral. We all know how a bouquet can brighten anyone’s day, but the selection of long lasting indoor blooming plants can extend that feeling for weeks and even months. Sunny Bromeliads, delicate Kalanchoes, and elegant Orchids give you the most bang for your buck in terms of duration of blossoms.


Jump on this bandwagon and see what it does to improve your own sense of style and personal enjoyment of your living and workspaces. I can promise the photos will never come back to haunt you.